Franz Schubert: Music for Flute & Piano


Franz Schubert: Music for Flute & Piano

Leonardo Grittani (flute) & Maurizio Zaccaria (piano) by OnClassical

“ What i produce is due to my understanding of music and to my sorrow”.
This is what Franz Schubert wrote in his diary, showing two of his utmost foundations of his art: his refined quest for the secrets of musical harmony and his cognition of sorrow. These two traits have accompanied him throughout his 32 years of life. But it was Ludwing van Beethoven who lived in the same period, to revive him a “divine flame”.
These perspectives are probably some valuable keys to understand and listen to this record on the whole, in which both the “divine” and the “sorrow” play a major role, as emblems of the secret behind Schubert’s grace.

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